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Sophisticated media relations that establish,
amplify and empower brands.
At Kincaid PR & Connections, we don't just tell stories; we weave narratives that captivate, connect, and resonate. With nearly 20 years of experience as a woman-owned powerhouse in the heart of Kansas City,
we've been the driving force behind countless success stories across every industry imaginable.

From sizzling restaurants to elegant boutiques, bustling hotels to towering commercial real estate,
sharp-witted lawyers to smooth-talking liquor brands, and compassionate non-profits making a difference – we've partnered with them all, and we're ready to partner with you!

Your public relations partner should be forming a positive public image for you and
discovering new partnerships all while practicing traditional media tactics.

We do that.

Local Love

Kansas City isn’t just a place – it’s
a feeling, a community, a home. Our work with restaurants, hotels, and boutiques has celebrated the heartbeat of the city, showcasing the unique flavors and experiences that make KC so special.

Connections That Count

With a carefully cultivated network spanning across industries and sectors, we’re the ultimate matchmakers. Need a dazzling launch event for
your new restaurant? Looking to partner your boutique with a local influencer? Our connections run deep, and we’re here to bridge the gap between you
and the opportunities that matter.

Heartfelt Impact

Non-profits are the backbone of our community,
and we’re honored to have played a role in spotlighting their tireless efforts. We’re dedicated to making sure their stories inspire action and change.

We aggressively pitch media, build meaningful relationships, and provide strategic counsel, all while creatively engaging your brand with the community.
A Dash of Whimsy

Who says professionalism can’t be fun? While we take our work seriously,
we love infusing a touch of playfulness into everything we do.
Our approach is collaborative, lively, and refreshing.
After all, telling your story should be as exciting as experiencing it!

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